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Participated Video Consultation

With the Participated Video Consultation you will have the opportunity to speak with me, Dr. Flavio Burgarella, to express doubts and fears about the disease, expecting to listen and taking advantage of the approach of an integrated medicine that takes into account the pathology and any emotions negative associated with it.

Simple and effective

How does the Participated Video Consultation work?

Each video consultation lasts about 50/60 minutes

We will meet on Zoom or WhatsApp Video

The cost of the 1st video consultation is € 70.00

Booking the Online BQH® Video Consultation of Dr. Flavio Burgarella is easy and immediate.
The consultation includes a first online meeting whose purpose is to promote the possibility of recovery.
One month later, it is possible to book a second meeting to evaluate the results.
In order to make the video conference practice operational and effective, it is advisable to communicate by email to Dr. Flavio Burgarella the reasons for the request.
Fill out the online form you find on the web site
After filling out, you will receive an email asking you what I can help you with.
Agree on the date of the appointment
Agree by mail or telephone the date and time of the video consultation. I will be available in the short term.
Make the payment
You will receive by email the instructions to complete the payment via PayPal or bank transfer and you will receive the invoice for the service.
Connect to zoom or WhatsApp
Connect at the scheduled time. The duration of the video consultation is approximately 50/60 minutes.

Frequent questions

01. I have a chronic disease, is Video Consultation for me?
The Video Consultation is independent of the type of pathology presented. As a form of Integrated Medicine it can be used where there is a need for integration to the normal care taken.
02. How long does the Video Consultation last?
The duration of the Video Consultation is about 50/60 minutes.
03. Is a second Video Consultation advisable?
It depends on your will. It is usually not necessary.
04. Are your services only online or is it possible to have a Consultation in Presence?
It is possible to obtain a Consultation in Presence by making an appointment at the offices in Bergamo, Italy, and in the province where I visit as a Cardiologist and Physiatrist.
05. What payment methods are accepted?
PayPal and bank transfer.
06. How should I prepare for the Video Consultation?
There is no need for any preparation. In any case, it is welcome to send an email explaining the problem and possibly a summary of the reports in his possession.
07. Is it possible with the Video Consultation to control negative emotions, such as fear and anger?
The control of emotions, if required, is an integral part of the Video Consultation.
08. Can anyone access?
Yes. However, it is important that I have received an e-mail of knowledge, where I will evaluate the opportunity.
09. How can I evaluate the results?
From a subjective point of view with the initial improvement in the state of health that can be consolidated over time, remembering that the BQH® Video Consultation does not work in cause - effect, but in resonance and coherence.
10. What is the cost of a Video Consultation?
€ 70.00 for the first Video Consultation; € 50.00 for a second eventual. In both cases, an invoice for the service will be sent. When I reply to the email, together with the agreed time for the Video Consultation, I will request your tax information.
11. How does the Video Consultation take place?
First of all through an approach aimed at knowing the needs of the applicant and then using the perception skills of human biofields according to the Burgarella Quantum Healing (BQH) ® model.

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You can pay via paypal or bank transfer. Once you have filled out the form you will immediately receive a confirmation email (check spam for safety).
Pay with Pay Pal
First video consultation - 70 €

Pay by bank transfer to:
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